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festive season

well, the fasting month been good this year. last year was quite bad.

visited my bro family last week. his family gt down wth dengue fever. nw, all have recovered. wat a big relief.

been havin events at shangrila hotel on weekends lately. meet loads of people there. listen to some of the greatest songs ever there and the hotel is really wonderful. the ambience is just top class.

hari raya is coming soon. super excited for it. gt my baju kurung already. can’t wait to wear it.

ramadan so far

well, fasting while doing physical training is draining my energy. the body is really tired after that. the cooldown period is very important.

my nephew is currently down wth dengue at the hospital. hope can visit him tmr.

hari raya is coming sooon

changi, bedok, tampines

wat a week it was. had to settle some personal issues.

Fri was best day. had a tour around the changi area in the morning. learn loads of things esp about the changi area and the world war 2. it taught me abt the value of history to the society and nation. National day is coming soon.

played soccer on fri nite. it’s been awhile since i last touched the ball. scored 2. tat just lifted my spirits. morale is nw back high.

my parents have returned back to their normal life. just wanna thanks those that showed support during the difficult period. deeply touched by that. just glad everything is back to normal nw.

fasting month started so some routine changes would occur. i guess, i can take part in physical training in the morning at my camp. the army won’t stop training to accommodate the fasting month.

well, had to spend the weekend in camp. sat guard duty. Sun nite, my parents gt in a car accident at JB. they are back in s’pore wth cuts and bruises and swellings.

lucky, they are fine nw.

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